I founded this website during september 2011. The site is fully independent and has no link to individual company or organization.

Content and audience 
This is a site that deals with the phenomenon of job interview! It is primarily aimed at those looking for a new job, is unemployed, goes out college and university. For those who just want to prepare in the event that you need to look for jobs. To you who have been called to interview. I write about tips, guides, services, products, links and other things I find interesting in this area.
About Me 
On weekdays, I work for many years with financial issues in public administration. I have long been interested in the phenomenon of jobinterview and have great experience in many interview sessions as both candidates as well as employer's representative. What fascinates me is the psychological processes and tools that can be used to manage structure and content.
Aims and objectives 
The purpose of the website is to share with you my observations, tips, and conclusions so that others can benefit from them. Everything is written based on my values ​​and anyone who takes some of the information must independently evaluate the same. There is also an underlying expectation that growth and development by meeting and communicating with readers.
Thank you for visiting the website - I hope it enriches your life and add value!